The EU-T0 International Consortium

The EU-T0 vision is to create a hub of knowledge and expertise to coordinate technological development, and integrate data and computing centres into a virtual Tier-0 centre, which can be more easily and transparently used by the different Scientific Communities. It will extend and simplify access to the resources, through a common approach to authorization, authentication and accounting frameworks. It will innovate new services and software tools as required to benefit the Scientific Communities and in particular the means to store, move, archive, preserve, and provide open access for vey large scale data sets. The EU-T0 consortium was initiated on 11th February 2014 by CERN, CIEMAT, DESY, IFAE, IN2P3-CNRS, INFN, KIT and STFC, funding agencies and organisations which between them fund and provide very large scale computing and data processing resources for a set of scientific communities which already have Exabyte scale requirements. INAF, CEA-IRFU and SURFsara joined in (...) Read more

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